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Bulk SMS Service Provider

We provide Bulk SMS service. Clients can reach lacs of target customers in single click by sending their offers through Promotional Bulk SMS. They can run Loyalty program or customer engagement by using our Transactional Bulk SMS. We also have Voice SMS/OBD service.

SMS or Short Message service has gained popularity in digital marketing since 1992. The oldest form of communication is still the best form in the era of WhatsApp, LinkedIn and another way of establishing end-to-end communication. The bulk sms service provider company in Kolkata are considered the key component in digital marketing. Bulk SMS services are provided to ensure latest updates for the customers, providing promotional notifications and creating campaign awareness of the products and services offered by companies. The bulk SMS service providers across the nation and globe provide the service to the companies by acting as the third party in digital communication.Factors for selection of bulk SMS service providersCommunication is considered the key component when a business provider wants to establish a connection with the customers. The effective relationship can be ascertained by the presence of third party acting as the bridge to close the gap. The bulk sms service provider company in Kolkata act as that bridge by providing the platform for sending bulk SMS to the end users about a company's promotional, transactional and additional information. The factors that can be chosen while selecting the bulk SMS providers among the vast options in the market are enlisted in the following points:

1. bulk sms service provider company in Kolkata must offer all kind of multi-lingual platform for the bulk sm service. It will help the company to reach a vast range of customers to communicate about their offers.

2. The companies, before investing in the third party SMS service provider must assess their potential. The digital platform provides many free sites for advertisement, and the service provider must have a genuine site for providing the bulk SMS service website to be accessed by the potential buyers.

3. The company must have digital knowledge like cyber laws and related laws so that any future miscommunication can be averted.

4. The bulk SMS service provider must provide 24*7 service for sending the SMS from the company to the end-users.

5. The SMS service provider must provide a trial period for testing of the service during which the companies hiring the service can easily access the pros and cons of the platform.Egro Communication LLP is one of the leading bulk SMS service provider company in Kolkata. We follow all the above-mentioned features with authenticity. If you want a hassle-free bulk SMS service provider, then please avail the promotional offer of the company for providing SMS to the end-users. For further enquiry of the service provided, please contact at the given numbers.

We provide following Bulk SMS services to our esteemed clients,

  1. Promotional Bulk SMS
  2. Transactional Bulk SMS
  3. Out Bound Dialer (OBD) services
  4. Bulk email services

Client can reach to lacs of target customers using 6 digit sender ID (Sender ID must be 6 digit Alphabets only, which needs to be approved by the carrier).

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