Top Digital Marketing Trends that You would watch in 2020

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Digital marketing is the gross earning trend of revenue generation in the decade of the late twenties. The marketers have assessed the potential of the widespread reach of digital marketing that has been estimated to grow $306 billion in the global market. The telecom industry is also a potential factor of implementing a high spectrum of data to the digital marketers to reach the end-users in just a no-time. The evolving methods of digital marketing with new trends have the highlighting feature to present the latest trend to our clients and customers. The digital marketing companies in Kolkata have equally invested in understanding the latest trends to captivate a vast range of customers with a customized need for showcasing the products of the company through digital marketing platform in a competitive world of digital marketing in Kolkata and across the globe. You would like to watch for the following trends in 2020:

#1. Video Marketing

The trend of video marketing has won over internet users by attracting 85% of traffic all over the world. The customers look for quality content and not reading the content as used to be in the traditional method of marketing in the initial digital marketing days, as that involves more time. Customers prefer movie like effects with a proper and specific demonstration with a reasonable duration of the video. Informative and entertaining videos are generating more traffic in digital marketing.

#2. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization has not yet been explored with full potential before the recent years as there were quality issues in the processing of different accents and voice to search for the intended materials. But a recent survey trend presents 50% of voice search by the end-users of different products and/or services in digital marketing. Web development companies and Web Designing companies are using their best skills to explore and improvise this trend of voice search optimization by the customers which will increase to $40 billion in the global market by 2022.

#3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learning through Machines

Renowned companies like Google, Amazon, etc. are using the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning through their websites by portraying various products where the AI has the capability to identify the patterns used by customers to search for a product and/or service by using the digital platform. Digital marketing companies in Kolkata are equally harnessing the benefits of AI to identify the selection pattern of their clients who look for the best digital marketing providers.

#4. Google Discover

The most explored search engine that helps in customizing the search option from the Google search engine. Google Discover has utilized the application that can identify the user-specific feed with the help of browsing the history, use of AI and the interest and preference shown through browsing various sites.

#5. Conversational Marketing

This is the latest trend where digital marketing companies in Kolkata and across the globe are using chatbots to strike a conversation with the visitor on their webpage. It is observed in surveys that 79% of customers use chatbots available on live chats to get answer to their personal queries. This has considerably reduced the waiting time for getting answers to queries and enhanced customer satisfaction through digital marketing platforms.

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